Neglected Tropical Diseases Control Program Tanzania

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PATH takes a multi-dimensional approach to solving health challenges. PATHs work spans five platforms, which  deploys strategically for greatest impact; vaccines to give children a healthy start in life, drugs to treat diseases more effectively and at lower cost, diagnostics to detect and track diseases, devices like household water filters and prefilled non-reusable syringes and system and service innovations, to ensure that all these tools reach the people who need them most.

Access and Delivery Project
Government of Japan funded - US$3.5 million per annum over 2013-2018 for 3 Pilot Countries: Tanzania, Indonesia and Ghana. Comprising 3 implementing global initiatives bodies
  1. UNDP

  2. WHO– TDR (The Special Programme for Research and Training in TropicalDiseases)

  3. AccessDeliveryPartnership Approach

  • 5 strategic pathways for systems strengthening and capacity building to remove barriers and speed introduction of new health technologies (medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and devices) with an emphasis on TB, Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases.
  • Pilot country activities to inform regional/global knowledge products.

NTD Activities Supported by ADP in 2014/15 are development of NTD supply chain booklets, NTD technical  and stakeholder meetings/workshops to develop, NTD supply chain booklets for pharmacists, FLHWs, and  CDDs/school teachers - February, 2015

  • Areas of Interest in the NTDCP & Commitments 2015/16 are NTD supply chain TOT curriculum developed – July, 2015, andNTD supply chain TOT workshops – August, 2015. Also work with WHO, manufacturers and other stakeholders in an effort to determine open container policy/guidelines or best practices for the NTDCP if one does not already exist.

Recommendations and Conclusions are continuation of training to impart supply chain knowledge to better manage NTD medicines from district pharmacists through to FLHWs and CDDs  dissemination of NTD supply chain booklets