Neglected Tropical Diseases Control Program Tanzania

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Sightsavers founded in 1950 to combat blindness in developing countries. Started work in East Africa in 1952, was registered in Tanzania in 1998.  In Tanzania covers both Zanzibar and Mainland.Development Agenda for Tanzania is inbuilt within Vision 2025 goals which are in line with the (MDG). Globally Sightsavers works in four thematic areas which are, Health, Inclusive education, Social inclusion and Community development.
Current project in Tanzania:-
  1. Zanzibar Eye Care.
  2. NTDS (Trachoma, Onchocerciasis & LF)/ IANET Project.
  3. Vision 2020 Coordination Programme.
  4. Tanzania Service Delivery (Morogoro Caratact).
  5. Enhancement of PWDs Rights in TZ Constitution.
  6. DFID/ Trust  SAFE Tanzania Implementation.

NTD activities supported 2014/15 include the following:-

  1. TT surgeries in Kisarawe in Pwani in region, Tunduru, Songea DC and Namtumbo in Ruvuma region, Training of TT surgeons and region/district on MDA activities, Establish Community Health Fund for the CDDs. Train District staff on CLTS in Ruvuma regions (WASH).
  2. Train community leaders on community mobilization & create awareness on NTDs
  3. Piloted the Disability disaggregated project in Ruvuma and Supported the BCC strategy development.

Sightsavers Tanzania country office is committed to continue working with NTDCP and areas of interest includes;

  1. Continue to support TT surgeries and training of TT surgeons In IANET, DFID and Trust funded project, Support the CDDs with the community health fund in two districts in Morogoro. Train community leaders on community mobilization & create awareness on NTDs, Conduct operational research on TT surgeries and CHF scheme
  2. Conduct TRA in North A, Support Trachoma mapping in Micheweni district and Evaluate the DDP and develop a way forward