Neglected Tropical Diseases Control Program Tanzania

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Medical Stores Department (MSD) is a semi-autonomous company established by the Act of Parliament
No. 13 of 1993. The Department is responsible to develop, maintain and manage an efficient and cost
effective logistics system of Procurement, Storage and Distribution of approved essential medicines and
medical supplies for public health sector. Aim of its establishment was to make available, at all times,
medicines and medical supplies acceptable quality at affordable prices to all Tanzanians.

MSD is clearing, storing and distributing most of medicines imported or procured for the Ministry of
Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children. For the Neglected Tropical Diseases
Control Program (NTDCP) medicines that are cleared, stored and distributed by MSD are Praziquantel
tabs, Mectizan (Ivermectin) tabs, Zithromax tabs and Zithromax POS. Albendazole tabs is cleared by
WHO, but storage and distribution is done by MSD. The final delivery point by MSD is the District Council,
and theafter the District Medical Officer delivers at the health facilities. In summary, MSD plays an
important role in the supply chain of NTD medicines