Neglected Tropical Diseases Control Program Tanzania

Organization Technical Setup
Last edit: 2018-11-08 18:41:03.

The Directorate of Preventive Services (DPS) at the  Ministry of Health,Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) will house the NTD Program. There will be Program Coordinator for NTD who will be overseeing the running and management of the day-to-day activities of the program, provide technical assistance to the office of the DPS in the NTD planning and management, and also to be a link between MoHCDGEC with donor’s and partners NGOs/NGDOs. The position holder will be assisted by the NTD secretariat in coordinating and managing the program.

Other coordinating structure is the NTD Steering committee. This assures the overall supervision and coordination of the program, decides on policy issues, approves the yearly actions plans for the program implementation; review the technical and financial performance of the program. In additional, it will assume the coherence and consistency of the program with other health care and community-based projects. The committee’s mandate is to ensure that the program is generally managed in a transparent and acceptable ways.

The NTD Task Force purpose is to oversee NTD activities under the NTD programme of the MoHCDGEC. Mainly the NTD Task force will have the overall objective of advising and support the NTD control program on the operational aspects and technical issues. 

At the regional and District levels the relevant authorities under the RHMTs and CHMTs as well as other partners implement the programme. At the health facility level there are Frontline Facility Health workers (FLHWs) who provide oversight to the community drug distributors CDDs/HW who administer drugs to the community members.